A downloadable game for Windows

As Uber Man, you'll need to figure out how to stop the villian's evil plan while avoiding deadly robots.

You can try find something in the storage room to sabotage the plan or try to guess which button on the control panel will stop the laser from firing.

This game has multiple endings!

This game was created for the GM48 game jam on July 21st, 2018. This was my first game I participated in, so my main goal was to try to get this game finished.  This led to the main problem of the game. When people would play Uber Man, it took them awhile for them to understand what to do. I didn't really put in much thought in showing the player how to beat this game. This is definitely something I will fix next time.

GM48 link: https://gm48.net/game/978/uber-man
Music and Sounds made by: https://soundcloud.com/meatshield-official


Uber Man (Windows).zip 15 MB

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